Monday, November 29, 2010

BMA Trainer Spotlight: Wise

Wise Katubadrau is a personal trainer with a passion for fitness and working with people. He was born in Suvavou, a village in Fiji, and raised in Australia, where he played rugby, soccer and basketball. The competitive nature of rugby drove Wise to take his fitness to another level, so he started training with BMA.

Wise fell in love with the BMA program and quickly got into incredible shape. “I was fascinated by their training methods and the energy I got from the workouts,” he says. “They really know how to motivate and inspire clients. I feed off my workouts and it makes me want to train more and more.” Also a professional acoustic musician, Wise found that training with BMA helped his performances, making him more confident and comfortable on stage. “Whenever I play music, I feel BMA’s spirit around me and it seems like nothing is impossible,” he says.Wise’s amazing results inspired him to join the BMA team as a trainer. A stint coaching a high school soccer team in Micronesia instilled in him a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals—joining BMA was the perfect way to continue that work. He quickly integrated the BMA mindset into his interaction with clients, and strives to help others become confident and comfortable in their workouts and every other aspect of life.
 “Live life as it should be lived—BMA gives me the tools to live my life, and teaches me how to be who I am.” - Wise
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